The Friendly Toast...

my love for brunch runs deep, and every time i visit The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth i am reminded of this love.
the felt paintings, the hipster staff, the mimosas served in pint glasses... this is before i even mention the food---


my guy and i decided to gander down from Portland for yet another holy brunch experience. i had to take a picture of the specials because #3 is probably the pinnacle of brunch creations---

friendly 1

"#3 The Hot French Mess - Oui! A slice of our anadama french toast topped with a dollop of mashed potato (wait for it), a grilled banger, two fried eggs and a maple cayenne sauce"

obviously the BF ordered #3, i went for a chicken burrito---

friendly 3

oh, one more very important thing: if you visit The Friendly Toast you must absolutely get their sweet potato fries! fried to perfection, topped with brown sugar, tabasco sauce and served with sour cream to dip---


now i'm hungry. anyhoo, check out their website and VISIT. you'll thank me later.
p.s. they also have a location in Cambridge, MA.

St. Kilda jewelry...

need i say anything? St. Kilda does some gorgeous work---

saint 4

saint 1

saint 2

saint 3

St. Kilda's website is pretty fantastic, so take a peek here. thanks Joanna at A CUP OF JO for the great find.

when black is better than bright color...

black 2 - living etc

black - livingetc

checkered floors and frames---

red rug - living etc

[all images via Livingetc]

agreed? does anyone read this blog? will i ever receive comments?

just a thought.

too much space...

living by Joe Nahem

...that cannot be filled correctly, even by a professional (Joe Nahem). this space doesn't encourage comfort, conversation or inspiring style. it's just...dying to look full.


a thought...

have you ever looked at a space that has so much character you think it will start talking to you? maybe i've read too many decorating magazines---

tonsobooks - verhext tumblr

ethereal combo 1

studio - verhext tumblr

ethereal combo 4


ethereal combo 3


ethereal combo 5


ethereal combo 2

pink wall red sofa

[images via weheartit, Livingetc, i suwannee, verhext and {this is glamorous}]

Le Louvre...

the sart
if i had a shop, you can bet this is what the front doors would look like.
[via The Sartorialist]

island themes...

i feel warm breezes and i'm holding a cocktail in my island-y dreams. i also look fabulous in a bathing suit---

anthro island theme
bathing suit
james merrell 4
james merrell 5

[images via Anthropologie and James Merrell]

stylist and photographer James Merrell...

these pictures are incredibly inspiring. i want to go home and decorate. right now.

james merrell 3
james merrell 1
james merrell 2

[images via James' website]

little works of art...


from top left:
The Mountain Goats - The Life of the World to Come
Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (great album title)
Wild Beasts - Two Dancers
The Antlers - Hospice
Bear in Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth
The Morning Benders - Big Echo

[all images via Pitchfork]