Goodbye friends...

I'm leaving you. It's going to be a long time before I pick up this/another blog again, for a few reasons:

a. I don't have a computer at home.

b. I do not have the patience/focus for writing/researching other blogs/websites for a good amount of my day.

c. I would rather put together a tumblog of pictures and things for rapid-fire blogging instead of spending time on blogspot...oh, wait. I did make a tumblog!

http://taralllike.tumblr.com/ (taralike.tumblr was already taken.....what the heck)

This is mostly for me. I don't expect (whoever follows this blog) to diligently check this tumblr page, however, if you find my style inspiring, this is place to go for pictures and links, which is pretty much all I did with "parisienish"!

So anyways. Thank you for tuning in for the past 3 years. I've had a blast, and I look forward to future projects.

Until then - peace out, cubscouts.

Much love,


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i'm wondering...

can i have this bathroom, please?

bath prints - design sponge

and this settee?

settee design sponge


images via design*sponge

oh, please!

my boyfriend thinks i mess with my dog too much! *see below* this one's for you, O..... living proof that a mom inevitably messes with her children---


check out the rest of this baby picture-adventure, here. it's adorable and hilarious to think that a mom finds her napping baby so amusing.

* this is a game that Henry and i like to play called "COME GET IN THE SHOWER!" where i chase him around, pretending like i'm going to grab him and stick him in the tub. i love love love how he puts his ears back and sticks that one leg out. laugh. out. loud.
Henry- small
p.s. he does love it, i am not cruel.

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love this picture of my parents. it's hard to believe that a couple can still love each other this much after 30 years---


fashion Friday...

some marvelous finds that i fancy---

sequin pants studded hearts
stripe because im addicted
sienna - bare style
metallic le fashion
lingerie - studded hearts
mesh - studded hearts
fuz - studded hearts
black le fashion
glasses - studded hearts
alexa chung - because im addicted
hat - chic intuition
acne le fashion

images via Studded Hearts, because i'm addicted, bare style, le fashion and chic intuition


on inspiration...

i'm not a wordy blogger but i've been thinking a lot about inspiration.

yellow coco and kelley

it's a dreamy, sometimes intimidating word. lately inspiration doesn't come easy, though i refuse to simply lay down and get caught up in the everyday humdrum;

insp 10

walk the dog
walk the dog
Dionysian pleasure

do you ever find yourself saying:

when does it get easier?

how can i make this work?

i need a vacation

insp 2

thank God it's Friday

insp 1

when you feel deflated, broke, disheartened, listless, squeezed and stretched in every direction

insp 3

how can you take those feelings and use them for inspiration?
it comes in many forms; inspiration is not reserved for artistic pleasure.

humans are inspired when:

they hit a fast grounder past the shortstop

they scream into a pillow

they have a window seat that looks onto street

they make a really good batch of cookies

they are able to touch a flower they grew

they receive a great kiss

insp 7

i have a continually shifting list of things that i love most. you should make a list too. i think you'll be surprised with what happens as you write.

here's mine:

birds that chirp at night

insp 9

cold beer after work

antique stores / flea markets / yard sales

Pilot precise V7 rolling ball pen, black

old books

blank journals



reading spots

reading nook - weheartit

goat cheese

driving at night, aimlessly, listening to music**


Samurai Jack

long showers

alpine meadows

Henry howling at the same two songs***

and finally, boogyin'

insp 11

*also russian sage, rosemary, astillbe and any kind of groundcover
** i do this a lot
*** Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why and The Strange Boys - Heard You Want To Beat Me Up

at my job they're currently showcasing resident artwork. amongst a wealthy history of artists that have come and gone there is one woman in particular, a retired history teacher, who showcased some of her pieces.

an etching of a lion, a red barn hanging over a choppy river, a watercolor of a chickadee; in passing i told her that i loved the barn painting. she told me that she doesn't particularly like her own artwork but she does it just to do it.

insp 4

art is very profound in that sense.

you don't have to be anybody or anything

insp 5

you do art for you and if you're lucky you do it for some money.

insp 6

and... if you're very lucky you inspire people.


insp 8

do it.

all images via tumblr.

i love Demetri Martin...

pillow fights