speaking of reading chairs...

i am SO ordering this tomorrow! Weetzie Bat makes my soul smile.


...and drooling over the thought of an insanely comfy reading chair/chaise---


i'll take any of the above, please.. seriously. i need to invest. also---

lee fabric

how about THAT fabric mash-up?

i've eaten my weight in cruddy food, drank my weight in water and still want to just curl up in something warm and cozy.

via Lee Industries

today i love...


Pampa High Leather Boots by Palladium, here


a veritable potpourri of pictures...

room for color AT

pastoral paintings

maps and florals


and finally, my salon wall (sorry, potpourri) at the cottage---

Glenwood - salon wall

images via Apartment Therapy, design*sponge, {this is glamorous} and stylist Hallie Burton


let's stay at this hotel in Mexico---

mexican hotel - the style files

via the style files

new blogs...

i have to share these two new blogs that i absolutely adore.

Aubrey Road

a rare photo-heavy blog with inspiring images. i really enjoy the simplicity and unintimidating content. Jenny describes it as the "home of my favorite things". so great!



speaking of unintimidating... everyday women sharing images of their unique outfits paired with a mini-shopping guide. again, so great!



Paris outfits No. 3

if you're confused about the title, i do a recurring segment concerning perfect outfits, just for Paris. i know this may seem trite, but one of my regrets in life is not having a fabulous outfit when i was actually there, in Paris. when our tour leader said "comfortable" i took it very literally. someday i will go back there and i will look fantastic. these are my ideas---

paris outfit - the sart

paris outfit - whatshaute

paris outfit - weardrobe

paris outfit cup of jo

paris outfit - studded hearts


be sure to also see---
Number 1
Number 2

images via The Sartorialist, WhatsHaute, Weardrobe, A Cup of Jo, Studded Hearts


shape - at
color isn't the only thing that ties your room together.
via Apartment Therapy


c'est le weekend...


enjoy yourselves!

here are a few things i've wanted to share---

yes, there is such a thing as sushi etiquette.

a perfect throw for reading.

such a gnarly new trend in fashion.

totally sexy speakers.

i completely agree with Decorno and the comments are PRICELESS. yeowch.

something about this title warms my soul.

definitely one of my favorite Selby tours so far.

umm, book belts are back? that's awesome.

not necessarily my style, but i must say it's a stunning before & after cottage.

sometimes you don't know why something is so beautiful, it just is.

today i love...

this entry way---

dutch door - little big house

this kitchen sink area (and styling)---

sink nook - little big house

and this curtain---

curtain, kathy ireland

all images via The Little Big House

i must say...

curvy redheads on TV = AWESOME


etsy furniture...

i wish i could spend money on furniture right now. you don't know how awesome furniture is until you don't have any, seriously.

to soothe my furniture fix i decided to peruse some etsy furniture. there is a wide range, which isn't really surprising being etsy and all. anything from overpriced vintage to reasonable refurbished, you can find it there.

in any case, here is a roundup of my favorites, which i would totally snag for my new place---

White Oak Entry Table, by BrianDobler

oak entry -e tsy

Dragon Slayer Rocking Chair, by sprucehome

dragon slay - etsy

Koa Desk, by nativesonart

desk - esty

Contour Chair, by coldfiled

chaise - etsy

Thru-Block Wooden Coat Rack, by wuda

coat rack - etsy

Vintage Factory Cart Coffee Table, by brandmojointeriors

factory cart - etsy

and finally, the seriously awesome Doris Day Boudoir Chair, again by sprucehome (check out their shop! talk about some talented ladies)

doris day - etsy


forest murals...

there is something retro and cool about giant forest murals. my inspiration below from emma's designblogg---

mural - emmas designblogg

mmm, so soothing.

i found a couple from muralsyourway.com that i would use. with bright reds and blues, this would be sweet to play with. anyone have other resources?

forest murals 1
forest murals 2


inspired by...


plant bed - coco and k
large scale greenery - at

black details---

brick kitchen - emmas
lavender - emmas
stylist sibella courtsitting - coco and k
black wood bedroom - bliss

and this awesome Scandinavian chair for sale on the Maine craigslist---

scandi chair

[images via coco & kelley, Bliss, Stylist Sibella Court, emmas designblogg and Apartment Therapy]

Carolina Herrera, Pre-Fall 2010...

carolina h - prefall coco and k 2
carolina h - prefall coco and k
absolutely stunning. i love the cut of the first dress and the geometric pattern is wild but perfect. any source of color in the very bleak Portland, Maine is savored. too bad it isn't summer now!
[via coco & kelley}


stylist Christine Rudolph...

i wish i could squish her talent into a peach and eat it---

christine 1
christine 2
christine 3
christine 4
see her portfolio, here.
[via decor8]



scottish hallway - living etc
yes, please.
[via Living etc.]

Dream Home No. 3...

venus 1
venus 2
venus 3
love the video and love that crazy woman...
[via Bjork.com]