i cannot access my Flickr account. unfortunately i'm a tool and kept myself logged in long enough to forget every ounce of information that would allow me to log in.

so, friends, i am taking a break.

good news is: i have a new job on a completely different career path that starts Monday. i will continue with parisienish when i have a computer (most likely in the spring) and when i have the politically correct resources to do research.

if you would like to receive an email for my undoubtedly fantastic relaunch, CLICK HERE! and write "update me!" in the subject line.

until then, friends..... au revoir

[image via Peach Bee's tumblr, which you must absolutely check out]


floral rugs...

who does them better than Anthropologie? seriously---

anthro florals rug

Grandiflora Rug starting at $498, here
Top Right: Hand-Knotted Rug starting at $398, here
Bottom Right: Roses Underfoot Dhurrie starting at $498, here

letting go of the past...


i'm still so sad that Domino didn't last. i have a stash of the mags that i can't seem to let go and i'm going to go cut them up now.

moving on!


47 followers and counting...

Check out "oh, how they come and go" ... my Tumblr!

tumblr collage


i was fine with black low tops and you had to go and be awesome---

converse 4

converse 3

converse 2

converse 1


Schmonday and Schmuesday, here we are near the middle of the week and at the beginning of my work week.

and what did i do this weekend, you ask? NOTHING. i was all excited to get schtuff done and all i really accomplished was coffee-drinking and putting up flimsy shelves.

correction--- i took a picture of Henry:

Picture 021


weekend inspiration...


pattern - style files

soothing bedroom colors---

dark bed - the selby

a potrack of some sort---

design sponge


red bureau - i suw

a desk area---

plated desk

splattered paint---

splattered coco and kelley

and KICK ASS sofas---

red sofa coco and kelley

images via i suwannee, design*sponge, The Selby, the style files, domino, coco & kelley

a weekend gift...

i don't know about you but i totally dork out for iPhone wallpapers. this site by far has the best. Poolga gathered artists and designers from around the world to create these beautiful little masterpieces for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

side note: they are free.

here's a sampling of my favorites---