The Friendly Toast...

my love for brunch runs deep, and every time i visit The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth i am reminded of this love.
the felt paintings, the hipster staff, the mimosas served in pint glasses... this is before i even mention the food---


my guy and i decided to gander down from Portland for yet another holy brunch experience. i had to take a picture of the specials because #3 is probably the pinnacle of brunch creations---

friendly 1

"#3 The Hot French Mess - Oui! A slice of our anadama french toast topped with a dollop of mashed potato (wait for it), a grilled banger, two fried eggs and a maple cayenne sauce"

obviously the BF ordered #3, i went for a chicken burrito---

friendly 3

oh, one more very important thing: if you visit The Friendly Toast you must absolutely get their sweet potato fries! fried to perfection, topped with brown sugar, tabasco sauce and served with sour cream to dip---


now i'm hungry. anyhoo, check out their website and VISIT. you'll thank me later.
p.s. they also have a location in Cambridge, MA.


Kim said...

How I managed to get to the Friendly Toast only once in college is beyond me. The brunch sounds amazing!

parisienish said...

well maybe the next time you visit we could go for a li'l road trip

Adam said...

Mmmm I am eating some beans and jalapeno cornbread (which I'm loving btw)and I STILL want to eat some of this. Hi Tawa :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the friendly toast. Sweet Potato Fries are amazing. Anadama bread is amazing. I need to go now.

parisienish said...

hiii Adam! thanks for the comment, you doodle. jalapeno cornbread? YUM
Anon- yeah, that anadama bread is awwwesome