when black is better than bright color...

black 2 - living etc

black - livingetc

checkered floors and frames---

red rug - living etc

[all images via Livingetc]

agreed? does anyone read this blog? will i ever receive comments?

just a thought.


Elissa said...

I'll comment, though I usually just look at the pretty pictures. I agree completely about black. I'm really on a black kick right now. I especially love it with white and natural wood.

parisienish said...

and lo! a comment, hahaha. Thanks Elissa, and yes i'm totally on a black kick too.

Anonymous said...

I jus found you today - but I will be checking in during my blog hour every day from now on. You are the first I have found from Maine! Woot Woot! We are only part time residents - but love Maine deep and true. I especially love my visits to Portland - although I still need insider tips.