new, part 2...

West Elm---

Jersey Pillow Shams

west elm 2 - jersey pillow shams
Sheepskin Pouf

west elm - sheepskin pouf
Dove Gray Parsons Cube Side Table

dove gray parsons cube table
Nailhead Linen Window Panel

west elm - nailhead linen curtains

Creator's Inn, Stockholm...

creators inn stockholm
Elvine and Scandic Malmen offer visiting creators free accommodation in Stockholm

"The Gothenburg-based clothing label Elvine and the hotel Scandic Malmen launch the hotel concept ‘Creators Inn’ in Stockholm on the 1st August. The Creators Inn is the worlds first “hotel-in-hotel” complete with its own design and unique details.

An overnight at Creators Inn offers all the standard features and comfort associated with a modern hotel but the crucial difference is that you as a guest do not have to pay anything. The aim with Creator’s Inn is to promote the local area and give something back to travelling creators whose presence contributes to a more interesting city, whether they are in a band, DJ, designer, artist, writer etc.

– “We are your friend. is Elvine’s core ideal, and as a friend it offers its guests, obviously shelter. It feels great to extend our hospitality and be able to take the concept on to Stockholm,” says Johan Johnsen, marketing director for Elvine.

Potential guests from within Sweden or the world are able to apply for short-term accommodation at www.creatorsinn.com. A selection of room guests throughout the project will be documented and presented on the website.

Read more about the Creators Inn by Elvine at: www.creatorsinn.com and see past guests to the Gothenburg Creators Inn. Stockholm is the first time this project is housed within an existing hotel."

Happy Birthday Kendyl...

My niece turns 1 today. I can't believe how fast this year went by...


thought it would be fun to play with Tumblr.
also, have you seen Petite Jolie? we are verrry open to emails filled with stuff that you can't buy but want to share.


a seriously girly Modcloth outfit...

modcloth 1
...just cause.
[The K-Fedora $24.99, Legend of the Hidden Earrings $11.99, Rivulet Dress $59.99, Train Hopping Bag $69.99, Flava Watch $34.99, Unicorn Princess Heels $119.99]

so soft...

BR 1
... i'm hungover and tired, wishing i could curl up and take a nap in this bed.
[via House Beautiful]


wooden beams, part 2...

entry way - the style files
beautiful kitchen - the style files
[via The Style Files]

wooden beams...

this house looks like my second dream house (please refer to the first). soft, romantic and casual, a house you could grow old in. the best feature hands down are the raw wooden beams. they are so delighful---
bedside table 1
if it were my house i wouldn't have bothered with those colorful pillows (eek)---
G BR 1
on another note, these window boxes are incredible. something like this would help my cottage's curbside appeal immensely---
GR 1
[via House Beautiful]

white telephones...

stayin' classy. i wish i had a land line just so i could have one.


c'est le weekend...

floral - funambula

[image via Funambula]

beautiful summer imagery...

how can my customers haggle over candlesticks when people are buying this?!

you've been warned: white furniture messes with your head...

this makes me giggle: a friendship flag...

Nick Olsen has a new home for blogging, yaaaaay...

a map: Generic Names for Soft Drinks... [p.s. what the hell is going on in New Mexico?]

a magnificent depiction of Monticello by illustrator, Maira Kalman

and on that note----- Happy 4th of July everyone! here is Sam the American Eagle (my favorite muppet as a youngin') paying tribute to my favorite holiday: