nifty news...

i moved!

well, i'm in the process of moving. i have been moving for 3 days now. turns out i have way more stuff than i thought. especially books, which, not a good thing to have plenty of when you move around as much as i do. books are heavy. someday when i have my own house--
hahahha. right. *sigh*.... anyways, someday when i have my own house--

i want built-in bookshelves. with installed lighting. and a tall Hagrid-esque individual as my librarian. i digress: here are some pictures of my new bedroom! (prepare yourselves)

where most people would see an abomination of bad 70's & 80's style, i see an opportunity. i am paying very low rent for the area. there is an ocean view from my window, it's a dog friendly environment and the girls are really nice.
when you don't have a lot of money it's all about laughing at what you have to live with and making the best of it.
the best part about this apartment- i can decorate and paint to my heart's content. of course i'll be careful of the girls i live with (no crazy wallpaper!) but when you have an old apartment like this there is more opportunity to be creative and budget-minded. i find it all very exciting!
not to mention the landlord will reimburse me for paint and repair costs.
i'll make sure to document the progress with the room (the pink shag rug and charcoal walls are out of here).

i must say...

sex and the city movie
ah, what the heck. i expected no less than over-the-top glitz and glamour for the infamous Sex and the City movie. i think what made me sad about it was the glitzy dialogue. where on earth did the sassy 2nd season girls go?