crushes of the week...

Dita Von Teese would be so much fun to photograph. someday i'll share my dream list of photography sessions. my crush did waver a little today though when i found out she is a member of PETA. we don't need to get going on that!
and obviously...next to paul newman, robert plant in the 70's is my oldest crush. listen to this song that he sings with Alison Krauss and you'll hear why...

ohhh bridezillas...

i love this tongue-in-cheek bridezilla photo story by Porter Hovey. i also love the word bridezilla and the idea of them. it's just funny.

via Smitten

it's a sad day...

it goes without saying that Paul Newman was an incredible man.
cancer really does take the best of us---


Dream Home No.1...

would you believe me if i told you that this 72-room building at 190 Bowery in NYC is inhabited by three people? would you ALSO believe me that the man who bought it paid $102,000?
if we were all such lucky Bohemians...



if you haven't heard of the Savannah College of Art & Design then you must live in a hobbit hole. have you ever perused the shop of SCAD student work? here were some of my favorites:

Jesse Payne, Discovery

Meredith Pardue, Lotus Pond

Tara Kovach, Yellow Beets


work schmerk...

Dear Henry,
I know you're upset that we didn't go to the Woofminister competition last weekend but honestly, I don't think you need to excel in any "Best Ears" category to prove how handsome you are. And I'm sorry that I'm not home today when it's so nice outside. I would much rather be walking around the neighborhood with you, taking more pictures like we did the other morning when you were really sleepy.
Let's have crackers in bed at 1 in the morning sometime again soon.


another unhealthy love...

the gentlemen of Fleet Foxes are incredibly talented. i haven't heard anything that beautiful in a long time. they catagorize their music as "baroque harmonic pop jams"... if that narrows it down for you.
Pieter Bruegel the Elder's painting "Netherlandish Proverbs" graces the cover of their self-titled album. you should set aside a good 20 minutes to look at the details.

it's official...

i have finally found the woodworking project of a lifetime. here is my inspiration:i never thought a piece of furniture could be so damn sexy. well done Atocha Design. problem is, though that piece is impeccable i don't want to pay $12,500 for it. i am going to make my own version.
maybe poplar with a green stain?

always been a sucker for good fashion...

the new TopShop is opening in Soho in a couple months and i am grateful to be living in Maine. otherwise, there would be some issues because i have an unhealthy love for London style.
here were some of my favorites:


animals are happiness...

i'm so happy it's Pet Appreciation Month at Apartment Therapy.
photos via Pet Photo Booth


1001 rules for my unborn son
now that is a great blog...



it's been a while.
here is something that i want to share so badly i'm practically tearing up. running through my head of all of my NYC friends i thought, "who would want something this cool?" and the answer is: all of them. problem is they're always moving.

Ork Posters!

nothing has been really catching my eye in the craigslist furniture section these past couple days... until today! it's such a horrible picture but if you look past the ridiculousness can you see the fantastic bureau?

i love it. some plants and colorful prints, a white opal lamp with a change dish. what would you do with it?
i certainly wouldn't buy the gun cabinet next to it. yes... they're also selling a gun cabinet.