c'est le weekend...


enjoy yourselves!

here are a few things i've wanted to share---

yes, there is such a thing as sushi etiquette.

a perfect throw for reading.

such a gnarly new trend in fashion.

totally sexy speakers.

i completely agree with Decorno and the comments are PRICELESS. yeowch.

something about this title warms my soul.

definitely one of my favorite Selby tours so far.

umm, book belts are back? that's awesome.

not necessarily my style, but i must say it's a stunning before & after cottage.

sometimes you don't know why something is so beautiful, it just is.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Oh, what a darling cottage! I must say though, I did love the yellow built-ins they took away from the porch. Kinda reminded me of something you'd get from Maine Cottage.