etsy furniture...

i wish i could spend money on furniture right now. you don't know how awesome furniture is until you don't have any, seriously.

to soothe my furniture fix i decided to peruse some etsy furniture. there is a wide range, which isn't really surprising being etsy and all. anything from overpriced vintage to reasonable refurbished, you can find it there.

in any case, here is a roundup of my favorites, which i would totally snag for my new place---

White Oak Entry Table, by BrianDobler

oak entry -e tsy

Dragon Slayer Rocking Chair, by sprucehome

dragon slay - etsy

Koa Desk, by nativesonart

desk - esty

Contour Chair, by coldfiled

chaise - etsy

Thru-Block Wooden Coat Rack, by wuda

coat rack - etsy

Vintage Factory Cart Coffee Table, by brandmojointeriors

factory cart - etsy

and finally, the seriously awesome Doris Day Boudoir Chair, again by sprucehome (check out their shop! talk about some talented ladies)

doris day - etsy

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Anonymous said...

I want to hump both both of those upholstered chairs... is that wrong?