the new pad...

well, i guess you can't really call it new but i really like it. there are two nice things i can point out with the new pad:
1. the trim and doors are original, with original stain.
2. space.
ok, 3 things:
3. it's in Portland!
i'm not going to say what i don't like about the place because i believe in a can-do attitude. this is what i can afford and i will eventually make it look fantastic. the key is going to be paint and RUGS. lots of rugs.
here's the tour---
Living Room
Picture 178
Picture 213
Picture 210
Picture 203
2nd Bedroom (in search for the perfect Portland roomie)
Picture 212
Picture 201
My Bedroom
Picture 193
Picture 186
Picture 182
Picture 189
Picture 191

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