Christmas sales...

i am the kind of person who would give my left leg to avoid the Mall before and after Christmas. luckily i was pleasantly surprised to find lots of great sales at Crate & Barrel when a little ole' email popped into my Inbox. with no rush for Christmas shipping, these gifts would be great for next year right now!
crate and barrel xmas
1. Meret Serving Set, now $24.95
2. Mosaic Flower Pillow, now $39.95
3. Set of 4 Agate Ornaments, now $9.90
4. Set of 4 Rustic Leaf Ornaments, now $7.98
5. Felt Bird Ornament, now $1.48
6. Ishi Plate, now $1.50
7. Zoe Tumblers, now $4.95 each

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