inspirational dining/kitchen images...

when December comes around we all start gravitating towards our dining/kitchen areas. damn holiday cooking and it tasting so good. these images are pretty random but there are elements in all of them that i love, whether it be the furniture, colors, quirky details or mood-

African Pastoral via Domino

Cucina Kitchen, source unknown

Boho Festive via Martha Stewart

Blackboard Cabinets, source unknown

Casual Kitchen, source unknown

Green Cabinets, source unknown

Incredible Color and Tone via A Merry Mishap

Pacific Green via the style files

Quirky Tablescape via Martha Stewart...damn you, Martha

Modern AND Warm Kitchen, source unknown

Red, White and Casual Kitchen, source unknown

Franco-Flair, source unknown

Tracy Falk's Dining Room via Apartment Therapy

please pardon my lack of sources for these images. i am still new to blogging and i've held onto them for a while. now that i'm purged of old images i'll be more careful! sorry if i didn't source you!

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