on inspiration...

i'm not a wordy blogger but i've been thinking a lot about inspiration.

yellow coco and kelley

it's a dreamy, sometimes intimidating word. lately inspiration doesn't come easy, though i refuse to simply lay down and get caught up in the everyday humdrum;

insp 10

walk the dog
walk the dog
Dionysian pleasure

do you ever find yourself saying:

when does it get easier?

how can i make this work?

i need a vacation

insp 2

thank God it's Friday

insp 1

when you feel deflated, broke, disheartened, listless, squeezed and stretched in every direction

insp 3

how can you take those feelings and use them for inspiration?
it comes in many forms; inspiration is not reserved for artistic pleasure.

humans are inspired when:

they hit a fast grounder past the shortstop

they scream into a pillow

they have a window seat that looks onto street

they make a really good batch of cookies

they are able to touch a flower they grew

they receive a great kiss

insp 7

i have a continually shifting list of things that i love most. you should make a list too. i think you'll be surprised with what happens as you write.

here's mine:

birds that chirp at night

insp 9

cold beer after work

antique stores / flea markets / yard sales

Pilot precise V7 rolling ball pen, black

old books

blank journals



reading spots

reading nook - weheartit

goat cheese

driving at night, aimlessly, listening to music**


Samurai Jack

long showers

alpine meadows

Henry howling at the same two songs***

and finally, boogyin'

insp 11

*also russian sage, rosemary, astillbe and any kind of groundcover
** i do this a lot
*** Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why and The Strange Boys - Heard You Want To Beat Me Up

at my job they're currently showcasing resident artwork. amongst a wealthy history of artists that have come and gone there is one woman in particular, a retired history teacher, who showcased some of her pieces.

an etching of a lion, a red barn hanging over a choppy river, a watercolor of a chickadee; in passing i told her that i loved the barn painting. she told me that she doesn't particularly like her own artwork but she does it just to do it.

insp 4

art is very profound in that sense.

you don't have to be anybody or anything

insp 5

you do art for you and if you're lucky you do it for some money.

insp 6

and... if you're very lucky you inspire people.


insp 8

do it.

all images via tumblr.


Hannahmaezie said...

this made me think of you ms. T!

Linny Kenney said...

Hey! I just got your email and saw the link to your blog. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment on our blog, but this is just beautiful! I am going to send you some links to some other girls I enjoy reading as well. I will keep up with you through here...such beautiful photos and such amazing words. Thank you. YOU are inspiration. :)