new blogs...

... that are going right to the top of my "Frequents". first of all, Wary Meyers, my favorite decorative arts couple, are marking their territory in the blogosphere. i'm extremely excited about this because-----
1. they live in Portland.
2. they have an incredibly unique sense of style, unlike so many decorators and interior designers in Maine. if i see another Maine Cottage coffee table covered with seashells and surrounded by striped, skirted club chairs i am going to die.
3. vintage and found objects are the foundation of their work.
i'm hoping one day they will hire me to do something for them. i don't know what i could do, but Linda, John... if you read this: i'm your jack-of-all-trades.
in any case, here is their blog, website (be sure to peek at their Portland apartment) and their upcoming book "Wary Meyers' Tossed & Found: Unconventional Design from Castoffs".
secondly, i found the Saint Verde Digest through Bohemian Hellhole. she posted pictures of his home in Africa and i too fell deeply in love with his eye for worn beauty. i can say without a doubt, the Saint Verde Digest is the most beautiful blog i've ever seen-----

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