we carry a marvellous line of French bistro furniture (Fermob) at my store. the catalogs are incredible and i look forward to new ones every Spring. granted, i love getting new catalogs at work, period, but I love showing off these pictures to customers. Fermob could have easily produced an indescript catalog full of specs. instead they examined the importance of color in every day life through painstakingly staged photographs.
these are scanned directly from the catalogs so please excuse some of the fuzziness-----
i've held on to this particular picture for years, it's still my favorite. how bad do you want to have this space?

2008 catalog-----Fermob also produced 2 smaller catalogs that focused on country vs. city styles. in contrast to their big glossy 2008 catalog, these were smaller 6" x 6" lookbooks printed on matte paper. the countryside catalog was absolutely gorgeous-----

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