oh, now you've done it po-po...

i lived in New Hampshire for 6 years and loved the small personal freedoms that it used to carry as opposed to other states. first, i loved that you could smoke in bars. this is a glorious freedom for smokers, and people who were bothered by it didn't go to the bar. enough said. in Maine, they want you 50 feet (or something ridiculous) away from the DOOR. but now, of course, that law in NH has been passed. no more smoking cloves at the house of pizza.

i heard on NPR this morning that NH finally passed the seat belt law. the last state in the US to pass it. please, someone, explain to me why this was allowed to happen. personal safety is a choice, no? what happened to "Live Free or Die"? what the hell, NH.

and what happened on my way to work? i got pulled over for going 10 over the speed limit and got a ticket for $70 because i wasn't wearing my seat belt.

life is cruel.

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