i must say...

this is really sad.
frankly, it pisses me off. how Architectural Digest (groan) can survive over this idea of unique, comfortable and accessible decorating just baffles me.
trust me, decorating is the least of my worries in this economy.
however, the home furnishings store that i manage is tanking, fast. granted, the owner doesn't understand the basics of business and it's incredibly depressing to watch her drive it into the ground, but customers have changed. they shop differently. they don't want to me to even say hi to them or tell them what's on sale.
worst of all: they aren't buying ANYTHING.
not even a gold seashell for $1. and here's what will happen when we close: all of the women who have shopped here, the ones who come back every summer, the ones who show up to open houses, the ones who bring their girlfriends and mothers and sisters will all drive up to the storefront, see that it's turned into an Indonesian grocery store, get really upset...... then go to Home Goods.

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