this American life...

Shorpy is a fantastic photo-archive website. i love old photography, being a dork for history and all. the best thing about these photo-posts is seeking out the interesting details that you might not find in a low-resolution picture.
California Modern: 1950 (FULL SIZE - love the red nails and facial expressions) -
St. Louis, Missouri "11 am Monday May 9, 1910. Newsies at Skeeter's Branch..." (FULL SIZE)
1865. "Cold Harbor, Virginia. Unburied dead on the battlefield of Gaines' Mill." (FULL SIZE)
November 24, 1925. Washington D.C. "City Orphans at Ambassador Theatre." (FULL SIZE)
October 27, 1922. Washington D.C. "Auto accident, 13th & S" (FULL SIZE - rollerskates, anyone?)
Civil War surgeons (or, men who had saws), 1864 (FULL SIZE - does wet plate glass negatives give them wolf eyes or were men back then just... wolf-like?)
1964. The Super Giant supermarket in Rockville, Maryland (FULL SIZE)

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