what to do...

unfortunately these pictures don't do the colors justice but i thought they were fun to look at nonetheless. i've decided on the kitchen colors. i'm going for Ralph Lauren's Lafayette with Behr's Beach White.

for the living room I was originally going for this:
excuse the awful scan, i took it from my inspiration book. isn't that color nice with the white, green, mirrors and touches of blue? i thought it would be perfect but there is a lot of white in that room (damn rich people with their floor-to-ceiling windows) so that wouldn't work. i always like gray and i'm pretty sure i can make it work so i'm painting the living room Natural Grey from Ralph Lauren.
hm, the scanner washed this picture out so i guess you're not going to see the real colors until i actually paint!
and no, i'm not going to paint my bedroom that plum color. i have no idea what i'm going to paint my room and i have to decide by Sunday. yikes. i would paint my entire room with my favorite color (see "Accent Wall" above) but i'm pretty sure the landlady wouldn't be impressed. sadness.
in case you haven't noticed i love dark colors in my bedroom.
any suggestions?

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