progress this weekend...

the past two days were very hectic. here's the run-down-
1. my parents helped both days. they've been homeowners for their entire adult lives and every inch of advice they give is gold!
2. the two key word pairs of the weekend: elbow grease and PREP WORK.
3. we decided to start with the bedroom and bathroom. i originally wanted to do the kitchen but that can wait until my two most functional rooms are complete.
4. Henry and i are officially moved in! he is surprisingly cozy and relaxed as opposed to how i thought he would react, still being a puppy/momma's boy and all.
5. i realized how much stuff i don't have (i.e. iron, ironing board, dishes, furniture, appliances, cleaning supplies, painting supplies....agh!).
6. what i do have a lot of: art supplies, books, teacups and ideas. teacups... i don't even drink tea.
7. Mom was in the bathroom for two days straight.
8. the cottage is FILTHY. it hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in what seems like years. all of the past tenants were obvious smokers. everything in the bathroom was (key word, was, thanks Mom) yellow, which means they smoked in... the... bathroom. GROSS.
the nightmarish mirror is sold and gone!
and this is what it was hiding. oh the horror...Henry getting nice and comfy... Mom: bathroom renovator, thorough cleaner, die hard BoSox fan...stripping the wallpaper... she also brought a prepared dinner: beans and hot dogs! the three of us slugged some well-earned beers...started stripping the basket border in the kitchen...and bought paint! the cream and light green is for the kitchen and hallway, the dark olive green is for my bedroom. yes, i finally decided on a color and we're getting married...sexiest wall color........ever. i think the reason i love it so is because to some degree i've always had a feminine-looking bedroom color. the dark masculinity of Olive Leaf is strangely empowering, not to mention that when the whole room is done it's going to be striking.

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