coffee and nintendo...

i once lived next door to my friend Camille and she had the cutest one bedroom apartment. i walked in one day to share some coffee (coffee time with her was so much fun) and she had ripped the doors off her kitchen cupboards. i naturally thought she was going to repaint and rehang them, and so did she, but she sort of fell in love with open cupboards. well, needless to say, i was inspired by her once again.
[this is me and camille on a rollercoaster, for visual reference]
camille is the kind of person who, when presented with little problems, always has a perfect fix. whether it's emotional (you sad? let's go get a chai and hit the road!) or concerning her apartment (i can't afford a bathroom door, hmmm, maybe a curtain will work!).
camille is fabulous, but i digress.
i really like open cupboards. exposing your stacked dishes, weird creamers and Goodwill goblets is so comfortable and casual. i think it's a very American trait to hide everything you own. being a land of consumerism, shouldn't we show off all of that great crap?

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